About Naati Grains

Naati Grain is manufacturing and marketing the most natural and pure oils that we use in our everyday life. Naati Grain uses the most traditional and pure Indian process, called Ghani or Marachekku to extract oils from nuts, seeds, and fruits. So, the oils you get from us are always in the purest form with all natural ingredients intact in them. In the modern term, the process we use is called “Cold pressed oil extraction process”.

The cooking oils people use these days are processed with various chemicals and also under high temperature. Much of the healthy ingredients like antioxidants and vitamins are lost when any cooking oil passes through several chemical and heat treatment units.

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    Wood pressed Groundnut oil

    Naati Grains Wood pressed (Cold Pressed) Groundnut Oil is Manufactured from premium quality Groundnut seeds by traditional method using wooden extractor (Ghani in Kannada and Marachekku in Tamil)

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    Wood pressed Coconut oil

    Manufactured from the best quality coconuts, these products of Naati Grain is considered as a super food the human body.

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    Cold pressed gingelly oil is manufactured from top quality sesame seeds and jaggery. This oil is full of essential vitamins and minerals.

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    Wood pressed Castor oil

    This product is manufactured through bull driven wood press process. No high temperature is given or generates while manufacturing castor oil in this process Thus the qualities of the ingredients remain intact. The castor oil of Naati Grain is a perfect body oil for the infants and aged people.

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