Bull Driven Groundnut oil (Cold Pressed)

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Cold pressed groundnut oil has deep yellow color with pleasant nutty aroma, sweet taste and retains natural anti-oxidants like phytosterol and tocopherol. If the oil you buy is bland and pale with negligible aroma, you can be certain that it has been fully refined and bleached. Please don’t use refined oil in your cooking, ever. Refining is accomplished with the addition of sodium hydroxide and temperatures around 450 degrees. The refined oil is not considered edible without further processing, such as filtration, deodorization, bleaching. This causes deadly diseases like Cancer, Diabetes, Heart disease, Impotence & Arthritis. The process of refining strips the natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes in the oil and reduces it into a “nonfood”.

Some of the health benefits of Cold Pressed Groundnut oil include

Its ability to reduce cholesterol levels

Protect heart health

Prevent cancer

Boost cognitive function

Improve the nervous system

Strengthen the immune system

Lower blood pressure, and protect the skin

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